Hydraulics Training

Hi-Force has been providing hydraulics training in the safe and proper application, use, operation, service, maintenance and repair of hydraulic tools for many years. In 2013, Engineering Construction Industry Training Board (ECITB) approved training courses were added to the offering.

Hi-Force training facilities are equipped with a classroom, practical product training area and practical service and repair training area. These facilities, combined with the expertise of Hi-Force’s approved trainers, ensure that employees, business partners and end users have access to a first class education in the high pressure hydraulic tools industry. Training courses can be held at selected Hi-Force training schools worldwide, or subject to inspection, held at external locations.

Hydraulic Training

ECITB Mechanical Joint Integrity training courses

Hi-Force is approved by the ECITB (Engineering Construction Industry Training Board) for the provision of Mechanical Joint Integrity training courses in line with industry standards and practices.

The MJI training courses offered are available at as the following modules:

  • MJI10 Hand Torque Bolted Connection Techniques.
  • MJI18 Hydraulically Tensioned Bolted Connection Techniques.
  • MJI19 Hydraulically Torqued Bolted Connection Techniques.

Hi-Force in-house ECITB approved Trainers have the technical and practical knowledge and understanding to deliver these training courses, following many years of “hands on” experience in the Oil, Gas and Petrochemical industries (onshore & offshore), as well as Power Generation and a wide variety of construction industry applications, requiring bolted joint technology. They are, of course, also fully trained and competent in the use of the various mechanical and high pressure, hydraulic tools used to deliver the training courses, in terms of theoretical, practical and the required Technical Testing (TMJI) as specified and required by the ECITB, prior to the issue of a certificate of successful completion to the delegate.

The training can be specifically designed and prepared to suit customer requirements, based on the tooling that the customer is using, however the emphasis of the training will always follow the ECITB recognised standards.

The technical content of the MJI training modules will include:

  • Mechanical Joint integrity (Flange and Bolt Materials, Components, Lubricants, Dis-assembly, Inspection, Assembly).
  • Safe use of high pressure hydraulic equipment.
  • Tooling Service and Repair.
  • Correct Tool selection.

Industry Compliance

Hi-Force training modules comply with the following training standards and guidelines:

  • ECITB MJI & TMJI training & Testing units.
  • Step Change in Safety Mechanical Joint Integrity Route to Competence Guidance.
  • ASME PCC-1-2010 Guidelines for Pressure Boundary Bolted Flange Joint Assembly.
  • Energy Institute Guidelines for the management of the integrity of bolted joint for pressurised systems.
  • EN 1515-1: 1999 Flanges and their joints – Bolting – Part 1
  • EN 1591-2: 2008 Flanges and their joints – Design rules for gasketed circular flange connections – Part 2: Gasket parameters.
  • CEN/TS 1591-4: 2007 Flanges and their Joints – Part 4: Qualification of personnel competency in the assembly  of bolted joints fitted to equipment subject to the PED.
Hydraulics Training

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