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Hydraulic Cylinders

ATC Industrial are a leading supplier of hydraulic cylinders to the Irish market. Our high-quality industrial hydraulic cylinders are designed and manufactured to perform even in the most demanding industries. No matter the application, ATC’s wide range of hydraulic cylinders will meet your requirement. We supply both single and double acting cylinders with delivery available nationwide.

Do you need a hydraulic cylinder?

ATC has a wide variety of hydraulic cylinders available depending on your application. We have over 100 different types of cylinder, offering various capacities and stroke lengths. Our range of hydraulic cylinders include single acting or double acting multi-purpose, hollow piston cylinders or double acting cylinders. Lightweight aluminium cylinders are also available. These are ideal where weight and easy handling are essential requisites.

Advanced Technical Concepts is the approved whole of Ireland distributor of Hi-Force Hydraulic Tools. Hi-Force products are in use every day in a wide variety of industries including Oil & Gas, Petrochemical & Refining, Power Generation, Steel & Aluminium Plants, Paper Mills, Sugar Refineries, Railways, Mining, Construction, Ship Building & Ship Repair, Aerospace, Defence, Heavy Engineering and the many thousands of industrial service companies supporting these market sectors. Hi-Force hydraulic tools continually satisfy the demands of industry during construction, production, breakdown and routine shutdown repair and maintenance.


Types of hydraulic cylinders

At ATC Industrial, we supply a wide range of industrial hydraulic cylinders to the Irish market. These include:

Pancake Hydraulic Cylinder

The pancake cylinders are manufactured with a very low closed height and a 2.24-inch stroke. The Pancake cylinder is excellent in tight working spaces due to its precision and lifting force. In terms of industrial applications, it is highly suited for the alignment of machinery and other heavy structures. The pancake hydraulic cylinder is robust and always performs well in testing conditions. All our Pancake Hydraulic Cylinders are single acting. Capacities range from 11 to 115 tons with a working pressure of 10000 psi.Single acting hollow piston hydraulic cylinders

Single Acting Hollow Piston Hydraulic Cylinder

The Single Acting Hollow Piston Cylinder is designed and manufactured to be extremely versatile. It is perfectly suited for tooling, maintenance, and tensioning applications. The hollow piston design makes this hydraulic cylinder perfect when a pulling force is required. This cylinder is used mainly for post-tensioning and pre-stressing situations. When used with interchangeable hardened steel piston rod saddles, the NHS cylinders are excellent for general lifting. Capacities range from 12 to 112 tons with a working pressure of 10000 psi.

Single Acting Multi-Purpose Hydraulic Cylinder

The Single Acting Multi-Purpose Cylinder offers the widest choice of stroke lengths and lifting capacities available making it ideal for industries that need flexibility in their hydraulic cylinders. It is particularly popular in maintenance, production, fabrication, and construction. These hydraulic cylinders are widely recognised as the most versatile and adaptable available in the Irish market. Capacities range from 5 to 120 Tons with a working pressure of 10000 psi.

Double Acting High Tonnage Hydraulic Cylinder

The Double Acting High Tonnage Hydraulic Cylinder is specifically designed and manufactured to be robust enough to function in environments where extreme heavy lifting is required. For example, the double acting high tonnage hydraulic cylinder is very popular with construction and maintenance applications as well as presswork and industrial production. This hydraulic cylinder is designed to provide substantial pulling force with controlled retraction. Capacities from 27 to 1115 Tons with a working pressure of 10000 psi.Single acting lightweight aluminium hydraulic cylinders.

Single Acting Lightweight Aluminium Hydraulic Cylinder

The single acting lightweight aluminium hydraulic cylinder is a high-quality cylinder manufactured with a spring assisted return. It has been designed with a hard piston and a steel-based plate to protect the cylinder body. With a stroke length of 152mm and a closed height of 417mm, the single acting lightweight aluminium hydraulic cylinder has an overall diameter of 195mm.

Industries We Serve

At ATC Industrial, we work with Irish businesses from a wide variety of industries to provide the highest quality industrial hydraulic cylinders on the market. We have extensive experience supplying demanding industries like oil and gas, petroleum, power generation and steel plants.

Hydraulic Cylinders for The Oil and Gas Industry

In a demanding industry like oil and gas, it is essential to have a drill that delivers consistent power and performance. At ATC Industrial, we can supply a wide range of hydraulic cylinders to ensure your drill site is a success. We are an established partner for the oil and gas industry in Ireland. Our extensive experience ensures our experts can advise on the correct cylinders to suit your needs.


Hydraulic Cylinders for the Petrochemical and Refining Industry

The petrochemical industry heavily relies on high-quality hydraulic cylinders to ensure the success of major projects. At ATC Industrial, we have worked alongside the largest petrochemical companies to ensure the hydraulic cylinders perform to produce consistent results. Sturdy hydraulic cylinders that produce consistent results are essential in any industry. However, in an area like petrol refineries, where the hydraulic cylinders are often exposed to salt water, durability is also key.

Hydraulic Cylinders for Power Generation

The power generation industry is heavily dependent on hydraulic cylinders to provide stability and durability to turbines. Hydropower is an essential service that directly impacts the lives of millions. At ATC Industrial, we take this responsibility seriously and guarantee that only the highest quality hydraulic cylinders are provided. We guarantee both a high level of safety and consistent power density. We have extensive experience working with power plants to ensure their hydraulic systems exceed even the most stringent regulations.


Hydraulic Cylinders for Steel and Aluminium Plants

Our range of hydraulic cylinders is perfect for the high density and robustness required in the steel industry. ATC Industrial hydraulic cylinders are both reliable and safe which is essential in a demanding industry like steel and aluminium. The most important requirement for hydraulic cylinders in the steel industry is the ability to withstand high temperatures. This is an area where ATC cylinders excel.


Hydraulic Cylinders for the Construction Industry

Construction is one of the main Irish industries to be affected by the development of high-quality hydraulic cylinders in recent decades. High-quality hydraulic cylinders are essential for construction equipment to consistently operate in challenging conditions. At ATC Industrial, our products are regularly used in the construction industry to ensure businesses can operate at a high level.

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